Event prep just got easier.
• Dimensions: 77cm X 185cm
• Perfect for conferences and exhibitions
• Professional looking, lightweight, sturdy and water resistant
• Standees are also known as Retractable banners, Roller banners Or Pop-up banners

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Perfect for trade shows, conferences, expos and more.


Be ready for all kinds of events with standees. It is lightweight, portable & is simple to pack or ship. And setup is so quick that you’re always prepared. So, get noticed at your next exhibitions. Take your storefront to the next level. Wow clients with your presentation prep. Get started by uploading a design or selecting one of our easy-to-personalise templates.

Why choose it?

  • Made from 320 gsm flex material
  • Lightweight and easy-to-manage
  • Great value for exhibitions, presentations or events

Planning for an excellent event

  • Before the event, use posters and flyers to get people interested
  • Build out your booth with matching hanging banners, sun boards and more
  • Stay top of mind with takeaways like pens or postcards

Designing an effective standee

  • Use large fonts and images so people can see your standee from a distance
  • Contrast your background and text colours to increase readability
  • Focus one main message that people can understand quickly
  • Keep the safety margins in mind when you’re designing – scroll down to see the measurements in our FAQ section.

Steps to assemble a standee

  • After removing from the case, create a base for the standee by turning the two support feet & making them perpendicular to the stand
  • Extend the support pole by grasping the top pole section. Then turn the middle section to the right to tighten. Repeat the step by holding the middle section and turning the bottoms section to the right.
  • Insert the fully extended pole into the banner stand where the round slot is provided.
  • Raise the standee while placing your foot on one of the support feet to hold the stand in its place. Lock the top section of the banner using the grey slotted connector.

Tips and tricks

  • For greater stability, rotate out the feet on the bottom of the base
  • To raise the standee, place your foot on one of the support feet to hold the stand in place
  • The retractable banner stand is best assembled by a person who is of average height or taller.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does the standee come with a carrying case?
A: Yes, it comes with a carrying case.

Q: How thick is the flex material the standees are made of?
A: It is 0.35 mm thick.

Q: How do you get the standee to stand up?
A: When you’re setting up your standee, make sure to turn the bottom feet perpendicular to the stand. It will be in a retractable mode & you need to pull it up & provide stand support.

Q: Can I use my standee outdoors?
A: Yes. The standee can withstand normal windy conditions & it is water resistant.

Q: What is the bleed size, the trim size and how much of the banner is hidden in the stand, once it is put up?
A: Specs are as follows:

At the bottom, 3 cm of the standee & at the top, 1 cm of the standee are hidden

  • No design element will be hidden at the top of the standee
  • Trim size: 77 cm x 185 cm
  • Full Bleed Size: 77.61 cm x 185.61 cm


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